As an award-winning Toastmaster, Linda is committed to captivating her audience. Her strength lies in customizing her unique story and delivering a powerful message that hits home. She nails the message you need to deliver!

Before setting foot on stage, Linda is working behind the scenes. Through targeted questions, she evaluates your needs, and creates a talk tailored to your conference. Whether it's a keynote address, break-out session, or seminar, your audience will remember Linda for years to come.


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Extraordinary Experience

  • Author, The Great God Hunt, #1 Amazon Best Seller in Death and Grief

  • Award-winning public speaker—including humorous speech contests!

  • Certificate of Training from the Les Brown Speaker Development Workshop

  • Member of the select, international organization The Long Rider's Guild

  • Listed in the three-volume Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration as presented and acknowledged by the Queen of England

  • Consulting Board Member, Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation

  • Retired Member Maryland Defense Force, Troop A, Cavalry

  • Past President of Valley Toastmasters

  • Past Director of a Children's Foundation

  • Award-winning artist and writer

  • Co-founder, award-winning Bloomery Distillery

  • Entrepreneur

  • Consultant

  • M.S. in Education, Nazareth College, High Honors

  • B.S. in Speech Pathology, Nazareth College, Magna Com Laude

Beyond the hard-knock knowledge from life's lessons, Linda has a vast array of experience in the corporate world. With over 20 years in communications consulting, including development, design and marketing, Linda takes her clients to the next level. She has an innate ability to take overwhelming circumstances and break them down into achievable steps. 

Step-by-step one goal at a timeexactly the way she broke through her own devastating losses and succeeded at her seven-month cross-country horse ride. She was able to take a grueling 4032 mile ride and break it down into 7,189,056 steps across America—according to her horse Rocky. Drawing from both her amazing personal story and honed professional skills, Linda impacts audiences in a profoundly fresh and entertaining way. 

An Empowering Force

Linda's commanding story inspires and motivates her audiences to reach for more. To face fear and conquer it with faith and courage. Far beyond a religious conviction, faith is the empowering force that transmutes "I can't, into I can"—from the unseen into a life born into reality—through belief in one's self, to a gratitude extending far beyond. 

It surpasses belief. It surpasses passion. It surpasses experience. It is the essential element in moving us


forward—bridging the chasm between today and tomorrow, to the here and now—to the hereafter.


Linda's faith in herself, and in something more, helped her to get beyond her unspeakable pain and rise above despair. It took her from "I can't. I can." to  "I will!" 

And she did.

"The vivid narrative of Linda's epic cross-country adventure on horseback touched the entire audience. Her ability to take a personal tragedy and turn it into an opportunity for self-discovery was truly inspiring. We could have listened to her stories and anecdotes all night. Linda Losey is living proof that the American spirit is alive and well!"

–Kathy S.
Board of Directors
Plantation Walking Horses of Maryland