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Nineteen months later, her eldest son, Eric, lost his life to tragic circumstances. Unbelievably, lightening struck twice. Two sons were gone. A mother's world was ripped apart. Once again, Linda had to painstakingly pick up the pieces of her shattered life, only to emerge with more grace, compassion and wisdom.


Following some of the darkest days of her life, Linda has managed to accomplish so much in spite of devastating situations. In fact, her mountain of adversity has propelled Linda into becoming a best-selling author, an award-winning artist, a dynamic and professional speaker, past president of Valley Toastmasters, and entrepreneur and co-founder of Bloomery Distillery, makers of award-winning, all natural, premium canned cocktails.

Linda has been through it all, from enduring the worst of tragedies to becoming a heroic survivor.


In 2004, her youngest son, 10-year-old Sam, was crushed beneath the wheels of a trailer hauling a 5-ton tractor. In unfathomable grief but vowing to honor his life, Linda fulfilled Sam's dream of someday riding across the country on a horse, and she did so... alone, for some 4032 miles!


Amazon #1 best-selling author

in death and grief

"Linda defined what 'It is up to you' means. It is a saying in our Dine' language to encourage our kids to do whatever it takes to accomplish tasks in life. 'It is up to you.' Linda lived that and did it well, for that she should be given a presidential medal."<br><br> LINDA ROSS, NAVAJO NATION, AZ

"Linda is close to the top of my list as far as the 10 most inspiring people we have ever met." <br><br> RON & MARY ANN HAENDIGES, NEW SALISBURY, IN

". . .Linda Losey has come to represent so much to so many. She set out to heal her own heart, and by doing so touched the heart of many." <br> <br> CUCHULLAINE O'REILLY, FOUNDING MEMBER, THE LONG RIDER'S GUILD

Linda's compelling story inspires and excites her audiences to reach for more, and teaches those to courageously stand in the face of despair. 

Linda's entrepreneurial spirit emerged early in life. At the age of 10 she was picking blackberries in the wild fields near her home, hauling the pints door to door and selling them to her neighbors to earn money. Most recently, against the odds, she grew lemons, ginger, pumpkins, black walnuts and cranberries in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia to create award-winning, farm-fresh cocktail liqueurs. Linda turned those all natural liqueurs into a thriving, spirited business crafting Bloomery's MixAlchemy line of canned cocktails.



“One of my strengths is I can see things—my end goals and can bring them to life. That's a blessing and a curse. I stay the course. I'm a bulldog, determined and stubborn. My passion is creating though. I was born to give birth.”

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